launch date ahead, you can see the detailed launch plan below. — Private Bug Testing 11th June 2021–19th June

— Public Beta Testing 20th June 2021–25th June

— Vendor Application & Launch 26th June 2021

About Volengi

This will be an international marketplace accessible by anyone around the world. Users accessing the Volengi marketplace will be able to buy and sell goods or services with cryptocurrencies. The base currency for transacting on the marketplace will be our native cryptocurrency AGE coin, hence introducing the initial utility of the cryptocurrency as a payment’s digital asset. Additionally, unlike other marketplaces, we…

What is Agenor?

Agenor is a project that primarily seeks to bring cryptocurrency to the masses.

Presently, there are a lot of factors that are stopping mass adoption from happening. The primary reason is the blockchain industry has become too diversified and complicated for the average person to jump in and use a particular currency in their day-to-day life. Too many crypto projects focus on making their blockchain technologically superior without actually thinking about how much it appeals to commoners.

Agenor wants to democratize the crypto space and grow cryptocurrency usage with the help of their unique system and the AGE coin.


We want to give everyone a chance to be an investor in AGE. If you sign into VAULT Platform many of you will notice that you have an AGE ice drop wallet with coins in it.

All VAULT platform user accounts that were already registered received AGE in ICE to start off their shares! Plus, ice wallets that reach at least 750 AGE by July 18th 2021 will get an additional 50 AGE bonus ice! …

The main barriers to the mass use of cryptocurrencies are user-friendliness, security and security issues, volatility of cryptocurrencies, lack of integration with existing systems and products, and a low level of awareness and education. Agenor allows you to integrate cryptocurrency into online and offline products and services. Our main mission is to help the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem achieve the long-awaited mass adoption.

Mission and vision

Agenor is committed to driving the long-awaited mass usage of cryptocurrencies by providing efficiency, security, transparency, and reliability to all companies operating in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Our crypto project provides a platform for the mass…

Agenor Coin

World’s first blockchain that strongly works for mass adoption.

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