AGE Ice Drop On VAULT.Investments Platform!

We want to give everyone a chance to be an investor in AGE. If you sign into VAULT Platform many of you will notice that you have an AGE ice drop wallet with coins in it.

All VAULT platform user accounts that were already registered received AGE in ICE to start off their shares! Plus, ice wallets that reach at least 750 AGE by July 18th 2021 will get an additional 50 AGE bonus ice! These coins will remain frozen until you fill your ice wallet to 1,000 AGE (10% of a masternode) and then rewards can be earned as a 10% share!

Ice-dropped coins are bonus coins and if you want to keep them you need to have and/or buy enough coins to fill your ice wallet to 1,000 AGE by August 17th 2021. Filled ice drop wallets: You keep the ice-dropped AGE coins plus all coins you deposit and all rewards they generate. Unfilled ice drop wallets: You keep all coins you deposit, with only ice-dropped coins and all rewards they generate returned to Agenor.

How It Works It will grow slowly, naturally through accumulation of rewards with compound interest. You can also help it grow faster by depositing AGE coins to your ice wallet.

Check out VAULT to host and buy AGE to fill your ice drop:

VAULT Platform

AGE Coin Pack

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