What is a Masternode and why should you be interested in hosting Agenor’s Masternode?

What is Agenor?

Agenor is a project that primarily seeks to bring cryptocurrency to the masses.

What is a Masternode, and why should you be interested?

In Proof of Stake networks, a masternode is a machine responsible for adding new blocks to the chain, voting on protocol changes, verifying transactions, and more. Basically, a masternode computer stays up 24/7 and works as an overseer for the blockchain, ensuring that its operations run smoothly. In return, masternode holders are paid a big cut of the rewards associated with every new block added to the chain.

Why should you be interested in hosting Agenor’s masternode?

Agenor’s system is efficient, sustainable, and fast. Unlike its competitors, Agenor processes transactions at very low fees and a much higher speed. One block of Agenor is added to the chain every two minutes.

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