What is a Masternode and why should you be interested in hosting Agenor’s Masternode?

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3 min readMay 22, 2021

What is Agenor?

Agenor is a project that primarily seeks to bring cryptocurrency to the masses.

Presently, there are a lot of factors that are stopping mass adoption from happening. The primary reason is the blockchain industry has become too diversified and complicated for the average person to jump in and use a particular currency in their day-to-day life. Too many crypto projects focus on making their blockchain technologically superior without actually thinking about how much it appeals to commoners.

Agenor wants to democratize the crypto space and grow cryptocurrency usage with the help of their unique system and the AGE coin.

The Agenor network combines Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) models into a hybrid consensus mechanism that can benefit from approaches. Being PoW, the energy consumption of mining AGE coins is quite low, making it more environmentally sustainable than its counterparts. The hybrid mechanism also ensures that the network is truly decentralized, meaning no person or collective of people can ever have full control of the chain.

For the first 100,000 blocks to be added to the Agenor blockchain, the consensus mechanism has been Proof of Work. Beyond that, the system has transitioned to become fully Proof of Stake for maximum community participation and energy conservation. Agenor believes that their community is key to their project’s success, so they are looking for people to host AGE masternodes.

What is a Masternode, and why should you be interested?

In Proof of Stake networks, a masternode is a machine responsible for adding new blocks to the chain, voting on protocol changes, verifying transactions, and more. Basically, a masternode computer stays up 24/7 and works as an overseer for the blockchain, ensuring that its operations run smoothly. In return, masternode holders are paid a big cut of the rewards associated with every new block added to the chain.

Agenor, being a PoS network, needs masternodes for proper functioning. As a masternode owner, you’d be paid 80% or 40 AGE for every block that is added to the chain. The rest, 20% or 10 AGE, goes to the stakers. To host a masternode, you must be holding 10000 AGE coins as collateral.

Being a masternode host is because it is an effortless way to earn passive income, and your profits increase as the AGE coin appreciates. With the roadmap for mass adoption laid out in detail on Agenor’s website, now is a great time for all those interested in becoming a part of this revolutionary journey to get in on the ground floor. Also, if you do not have 10000 AGE, you can participate in shared masternodes on one of the services: Crypos or Vault Investment. Minimal deposit amount is 10 AGE.

Why should you be interested in hosting Agenor’s masternode?

Agenor’s system is efficient, sustainable, and fast. Unlike its competitors, Agenor processes transactions at very low fees and a much higher speed. One block of Agenor is added to the chain every two minutes.

Aside from their incredible technology, Agenor’s plan for 2021 includes launching their Volengi marketplace, which promises to be a hub for all sorts of goods and services that can be purchased using cryptocurrencies. While the base currency will be AGE, customers on Volengi will not be limited to any cryptocurrency for transactions. The platform shall support all forms of digital assets and also feature 24/7 customer support, among other salient features.

In the near future, Agenor also aims to set up its own worldwide network of cryptocurrency ATMs, payment gateway, and even an education program to teach the masses about crypto. All these endeavors shall definitely see the AGE coin appreciate in value and gain popularity.

This is also why being an Agenor masternode host from now will surely reap you bounties in the company’s bright future.

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